Fees & Policies

Medical Insurance:

Dr. Huberman does not participate in any insurance plan because she doesn’t have sufficient time to manage the paperwork, phone calls, and lengthy battles with insurance companies that are required to receive reimbursement.  You will receive an invoice at the end of each session containing the amount paid and codes required by insurance companies for reimbursement of out-of-network services.  You may then submit your invoices directly to your insurance company, along with whatever form your insurance company requires for reimbursement.

Some insurance companies require pre-authorization before treatment is initiated and again after a certain number of visits.  It is your responsibility to find out from your insurance company whether this is necessary, and whether your insurer requires any information from your doctor.  Dr. Huberman is happy to complete a treatment plan or supply any other information that your insurance company requires.

Dr. Huberman has opted out of Medicare for the same reasons that she has chosen not to participate in insurance plans.  If you have Medicare, she will ask you to sign an agreement stating that you will not submit claims to Medicare.  If you have another insurance policy that is secondary to Medicare, you may file for reimbursement from this secondary insurance company.  When you file for reimbursement, you will need to attach a note  clarifying that your secondary insurance company is primary for Dr. Huberman’s services, since she has opted out of Medicare.


Payment is due at the time of service by cash, check, or credit card.  There is a five dollar fee for use of a credit card.  Checks should be made payable to “Amy Huberman, MD.”  There will be a processing charge for returned checks.

Fee Schedule:

  • Initial Appointment: $400.00
  • 90-Minute Session: $275.00
  • 60-Minute Session: $200.00
  • 30-Minute Session: $125.00
  • Single Consultation: $500.00

The initial appointment:

Prior to your initial appointment, Dr. Huberman will ask you to read and complete a number of forms (see “Patient Forms,” at the bottom of Resources & Forms).  If you have been in psychiatric care in the past, she will also ask you to provide records of your previous care, including typed summaries or notes from your past providers and discharge summaries from any past hospitalizations. Most providers and hospitals will require you to complete an Authorization to Receive or Disclose Information form before releasing your records.  You may download such a form here.  Please have all notes and summaries faxed to Dr. Huberman at 443-957-9477 as soon as possible before your initial appointment.

The initial appointment is a 120-minute session.  During this session, you and Dr. Huberman will have an opportunity to decide whether you are a good fit.  If Dr. Huberman believes that another provider might be better qualified to treat you, she will inform you of this and will provide appropriate referrals.

Follow-up appointments:

Follow-up appointments are typically 60-minute sessions, to allow sufficient time for psychotherapy.  If a patient is engaged in exposure therapy, 90-minute sessions may be more appropriate. For booster sessions after an initial course of psychotherapy, 30 minutes may occasionally be sufficient.

Single consultations:

Single consultations for a second opinion last 2-3 hours.  They are scheduled only after records are obtained from past and current providers (please see “The initial appointment” above for instructions on how to obtain records).  Dr. Huberman will review all records prior to the consultation.  If at all possible, a family member or someone who knows you well should accompany you to the evaluation.  Most of the interview will be conducted without your support person present, but he or she will be invited into part of the interview to share his or her observations and concerns.  After completing a comprehensive evaluation, Dr. Huberman will share her recommendations directly with you and your support person.  She will also submit a typed report to your referring physician.

Telephone appointments:

Telephone appointments will be billed at the same rates as in-person sessions.  Please note that many insurance companies do not reimburse for telephone appointments.

Late Appointments/Missed Appointments/Cancellations:

If you are late for an appointment, you will be seen for the remainder of your scheduled time and charged for the full session as scheduled. If you are unable to keep an appointment, please notify Dr. Huberman at least one full business day prior to your scheduled appointment; otherwise you will be charged for the time that was reserved for you.  The only exceptions to this policy are regional weather emergencies or the unexpected onset of illness.  However, frequent or repeated cancellations due to illness will be billed at Dr. Huberman’s discretion.  Please note that insurance plans do not reimburse for missed appointments.  You may cancel your appointment by leaving a voicemail message at 443-823-0675.   If you are uncertain of your appointment time or anticipate that you may have trouble keeping your appointment, please do not hesitate to call.